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do you live in America?
- Anonymous

I do not live in America no. London, UK. 

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Is going to a big year for me, it’s going to be the telling year in whether HaDenough? Is going to work, I’m also going T-total for the whole year. 

January is the ‘Dryathalon’ (I will post a link to my page next week) not drinking to raise a few quid for cancer research! But then I’m deciding to carry that through the year, because my health is in a serious need of a shake up.

Also, shall be ‘eating clean’ however i’ve already started doing that this month trying out food ready to get it on next year. 

So yes, 2013 is going to be MY year, but first, lets enjoy Christmas. 

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Next Insane Purchase…

Will have to be a hot tub… I don’t care about Logic… I need a hot tub.

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I’m going to eat some fucking eggs
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Beginning to Enjoy HaDenough

Another Day… Another shoot tomorrow… Beginning to enjoy this little adventure!

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Go ahead and shoot...